Employee-Faculty Assistance Program

一元微信提现麻将The Medical College of Georgia provides an on-campus assessment and counseling program for employees, faculty, house staff, graduate students and for the immediate members of their family.

The program is confidential for clinical information of those who attend.

The EFAP focuses on problems of either a personal or a work-related nature. Assessments are provided and, where indicated, short-term therapy may be scheduled for up to five sessions at no cost to the employee/faculty. For persons/families requiring extended counseling or more specialized therapy, the program can arrange continuing care by an appropriate local practitioner or agency.

一元微信提现麻将In addition, EFAP staff are available to consult with supervisors on how to better recognize and work with employees who are experiencing difficulties of various kinds.

For more information or for an appointment, please contact the
一元微信提现麻将Employee-Faculty Assistance Program at 721-2599.


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