KNIT your courses!

NOTE: The KNIT program was discontinued in May 2014. This document remains for archival purposes.

Have you ever wondered, “How does this course relate to other subjects I find more interesting?” or “Why should this course matter to me?” Then you should KNIT your courses!一元微信提现麻将

KNIT stands for “Knowledge Integrated”—a university initiative to make Augusta University's core curriculum more cohesive and engaging. KNIT courses are identical to their regular counterparts with one vital difference: KNIT professors work together to build much stronger connections between the different courses they teach.

Why should I KNIT my courses?

By infusing more courses with a shared focus and a common thread of discussion, KNIT:

  • creates stronger, more meaningful connections between those courses
  • makes your learning feel more meaningful and relevant beyond the classroom
  • helps you feel more connected to your peers and your campus
  • allows you to linger on a topic longer and explore it from multiple perspectives
  • reveals how much experts disagree about some of the same issues
  • helps you identify the field or discipline best suited to your interests and personality
  • demonstrates how the past still shapes us today, and holds some of the keys to our future

KNIT offers all of these benefits with no additional work! You take the same classes Augusta University students normally take—just better integrated for a more cohesive experience!

How do I KNIT my courses?

To participate, check the Schedule of Classes for course sections labeled “KNIT-Participating” or click "Participating Faculty" in the left sidebar for a complete list. Every KNIT course strives to relate its materials more meaningfully to your life; however, you'll need to sign up for at least two KNIT-participating sections in order to experience KNIT’s beneficial course synergy.

Of course, the more KNIT-participating courses you sign up for in the same semester, the better integrated your studies will feel and the more often you will encounter KNIT’s shared focus!

If you have questions or would like additional information about KNIT, please contact our program director, Dr. Wesley Kisting in the Department of English and Foreign Languages. You can also follow KNIT on Twitter ( ) and Facebook ( ).