AU Comprehensive Administrative Review (CAR)

At the April 2017 Board Meeting, the USG Board of Regents Chancellor Wrigley announced a system-wide initiative focused on improving administration 一元微信提现麻将through

  • creating efficiencies,
  • streamlining processes and
  • finding ways to be more effective with USG resources.

The administrative review provides an in-depth examination of non-faculty administrative costs across the University System and within all departments.  The administrative review process is incorporating feedback and data points from supervisors and employees at all levels and analyzing organizational structure and activities in order to

  • Develop model organizational structures and processes that will consistently enhance our ability to further the teaching, research, and service the mission of the University system
  • Develop and implement a 21st century operational model in a multi-campus, diverse University system
  • Identify recommendations that would enhance administrative effectiveness, efficiency, and execution at all levels of the organization
  • Identify administrative cost savings that can be redirected into the System’s core functions of teaching, research, and service

Huron graphic of timeline