User Responsibilities- Inspection of Eyewash Stations & Safety Showers

User Responsibilities - Inspection of Eyewash & Safety Showers

Note: Any units not working properly should be reported to Augusta University Facilities Management at Ext. 1-2434.



  • IHS personnel shall perform annual flushing and inspection of all eyewash stations and safety showers as outlined in Section B of this procedure.

  • 一元微信提现麻将IHS shall inspect and tag all newly installed eyewash stations and safety showers prior to use.

  • Note: Sink nozzle-mount units are not tagged



  • 一元微信提现麻将Departments shall inspect all eyewash stations within their department at least quarterly.  This includes flushing them for at least 10 seconds or until the water runs clear.


一元微信提现麻将1. Activate the eyewash and allow water to run to remove rust or microorganisms that may be in the water line.

一元微信提现麻将2. Check for equal pressure. Both streams should cross in the center.

3. Check for adequate flow of water. Too little flow or excess pressure are unacceptable and need correcting.

一元微信提现麻将4. Check for clogged drains or leakage around pipes.


IHS maintains a record of each annual inspection using the IHS Eyewash/Safety Shower Inspection Tag. Departments should sign the tag each time the eyewash is flushed (at least quarterly).

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